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Ethicall - Kissed by Nature
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Ethicall sustainability facts 

Our sustainability facts for the Drop1.

harmful chemicals, pesticides,  GMO's used
100% of the garments are biodegradable
2262 tones of water saved due to using Organic cotton instead of conventional

46% less CO2 emissions due to using Organic cotton instead of conventional
Our commitments

We focus on minimising environmental footprint, climate action and social injustice. These values are at the core of everything we do.

Sustainability manifesto


Using Class A and B fibres and picking natural, renewable, recycled, biodegradable, low-impact textiles brings us closer to our mission. In the future, we aim to investigate the influence of natural hemp, mint and lotus fabrics on the mind and body, to  improve the quality of life, sleep, mood and well-being. 



We share our goals with people who share our values — we work only with verified, certified factory partners. In this way, we have assured no child or forced labour, workers feel safe, are paid and treated decently. Throughout years in the technology and fashion industry, the Ethicall team obtained exceptional knowledge and experience to pursue them successfully in creating a better world here and now and for future generations.


Innovation & Technology 

The website is also hosted on optimised, eco-friendly servers powered by renewable energy using hydropower in Germany and hydropower and wind power in Finland.



ETHICALL items aim to serve their owners throughout life, reducing the environmental impact across their lifecycle. Regular print on t-shirts lasts for 10-15 machine washes; we raised this number to 50.

Ethicall works with a variety of NGOs, charities and global projects for more ethical and sustainable world.


Through our initiatives you can find out about environmental actions opportunities, sign petitions and donate money to local causes