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Ethicall - Kissed by Nature
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We are building a balanced and sustainable environment for you and future generations.

Ethicall strives to create a better world in the current and future state using sustainably sourced, innovative and organic materials. As a fashion start-up with the luxury to develop the brand from scratch, Ethicall creates garments based on proven sustainability norms and focus on making a difference in every stage, from procurement to delivery to the customers.

With extensive sustainability background, the team designs durable sport and homewear with minimalistic aesthetics for comfortable living.

Ethicall uses TENCEL™ and 100% GOTS certified organic cotton. In the future, the company aims to investigate the influence of natural hemp, mint and lotus fabrics on the mind and body, which improves the quality of life, sleep, mood and well-being.

When choosing partners, values are crucial: Ethicall production outsourcing facilities have proven to establish decent work conditions and pay levels. The website is also hosted on optimised, eco-friendly servers powered by renewable energy using hydropower in Germany and hydropower and wind power in Finland.

When choosing Ethicall, you may enjoy the stress-free experience of buying, wearing and recycling products and be confident of the lowest environmental impact.


Ethicall is kissed by nature. Join us!


1007 N Orange St. 4th Floor Ste 1382, 19801, Wilmington, DE,  USA